Oil nebula 

Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer, 2022
Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg, 2022
S12, Bergen, 2023

Documentation: Øystein Thorvaldsen, Linda Morell

The exhibition Oil nebula uses the concept of the abyss, the vast cosmic sea as described in John Milton's Paradise Lost (1667) which separates earth from hell, as a metaphor for societal collapse. The project draws parallels to the jellification of the oceans, where ecosystems are changing and new organisms thrive. Inspired by the increasing prevalence of invasive species and environmental changes, the exhibition consisting of works in ceramics, glass, wood and aluminium strives to mythologize the defamiliarized earth. The works form a visual language which speaks about the future of the oceans and humanity whilst forming the inhospitable sea of the abyss itself. Like Milton’s abyss, simultaneously described as the worlds cradle and it's grave, the exhibition becomes an ouroboros focusing on both the perils and prospects of the future.