Linda Morell’s practice examines the relationship between body and sculpture. She looks at the history of shaping and reshaping the human body through medical practices, social phenomena, myths and ideas. With polished steel and ceramics the works explore hygienic surfaces and repellent materials. The pieces are bodily machines and synthetic organisms.

Born 1993 in Halmstad (SWE), lives and works in Bergen (NO).      

2017-2019 MFA, University of Bergen, The Art Academy, Department of Contemporary Art, Bergen
2014-2017 BFA, Umeå University, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå  
2012-2014 Painting, Gothenburg School of Art, Gothenburg             

    Solo shows
2022 TBA, Vestfold kunstsenter, Tønsberg
2021 TBA, BOA, Oslo 
2021 TBA, Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Svolvær
2020 Asclepieia, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen          
2017 WAX, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå
    Group shows (selected)
2020 FRAMTIDSKROPP #2, Gävle
2020 1:1, Gyldenpris Kunsthall, Bergen
2020 One can play more than one, with Anna Hillbom and Emma Papworth, Norrbyskär Konsthall
2019 Temple Total Autobody, Landmark, Bergen
2019 with eyes closed, call me, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2018 Why Not All Of Them? Strømgaten 1, Bergen
2017 My Secret Is That I Stayed The Same For A Short Time, Studio Mossutställningar, Stockholm
2017 Speed Dating, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå
2016 Videokonst på stan, Umeå and Örnsköldsvik
2016 Parallel lines, Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå
2015 All The Worlds Futures (continued), Galleri Alva, Umeå                                             

    Grants and stipends 
2020 Norwegian Visual Artists Fund (BKV), one year working grant
2019 Norwegian Cultural Fund, Arts Council Norway, Exhibition fund for emerging artists
2019 City of Bergen, Project funding
2019 Contemporary Arts Centres in Norway, Regional project funding
2019 City of Bergen, Establishing grant
2019 The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (BKH), Art student award
2019 Arts Council Norway, Stipend for newly graduated artists
2018 Malmö Industriförening, autumn stipend
2017 Georg Suttners Foundation

2019–2020 Local AiR, S12 Glass studio, Bergen

2020 KODE, Bergen

    Selected work experience
2019–2020 Guest teacher in sculpture and ceramics
University of Bergen, The Art Academy, Bergen 

2020 Nokon har teke orda ut av skjelettet og plassert dei på golvet, Brynhild Winther, Kunsthåndverk, 14.05.2020 (online)